The story of a climate neutral kids' clothing brand

We dream big

How it all began

Snykke was born from a new mother’s desire to look deeper into the sustainability of kids’ clothing, and especially from the perspective of their climate load. Kids grow fast, so their clothing is only used for a short time. This puts pressure on the climate.

“When my son was born and buying kids’ clothing became relevant, I noticed that sustainable options were everywhere. However, the sustainability of kids’ clothing seemed to focus on the material only - often organic cotton. I was unable to find an option, where sustainability would cover more than that.” Julia, founder  

Born in Stockholm, designed in Helsinki

I have been a part of the story of a Finnish design brand for a decade. I have been lucky to work with very talented and creative minds. Working with a design brand has taught me to look at a product through a multi-phased design process. From the very beginning, it was important that responsibility in Snykke's products would therefore go through all stages of the product.

The first idea of our brand was sparked at our home in Östermalm, Stockholm, during Spring 2021, a short while after our son was born earlier the same year. Through a few twists and turns, I built a small team around the idea of a climate neutral kids’ clothing brand. I crossed paths with a kids’ clothing designer and a one woman brand agency – both from Helsinki.·From the very beginning, the brand was built on a laid-back Nordic way of life. Fun prints, interesting textures and loose fits have been an essential part of our vision too. Loose fits are great for two reasons - they increase the lifespan of the clothing and look so cute on kids!

Clothes that leave no trace

In early 2022, Snykke was born, where a laid-back Nordic way of life meets cute prints, loose fits and high quality.

Organic, high-quality and certified materials were a natural choice for us, but it was clear from the beginning that our products’ responsibility would be measured beyond a choice of material.