The story of a climate neutral kids' clothing brand

We plant

Climate neutrality

Snykke's responsibility relies on a promise to act in harmony with the climate. The material used to make a garment plays a big role in measuring its responsibility. However, from the design of the garment to the creation of the finished product, there are so many stages that we do not believe that the responsibility of the garment can be based solely on its material - we have to look at all the stages of the garment from the field to the shop.

The production, transport and packaging materials of the product affect the climate load of the garment.

Snykke's mission is to produce kids’ clothing whose climate-load has been measured throughout its lifecycle up to the time of purchase, and then fully compensate for the carbon footprint generated. Compensation is carried out by forest plantings. The measurement of the carbon footprint of our operations is done with the '2030 calculator' tool of Doconomy AB in Sweden. Doconomy's mission is to make the climate load of products visible.

Our partner in forest plantings in Finnish forests is NGS Finland.

Responsible manufacturing

Most of our products are manufactured at a family-owned factory in Lithuania. A small part of our products are manufactured at a family-owned factory in Turkey.

Our manufacturer in Turkey is a Sedex-certified operator. Sedex is a global supply chain control organisation and it contorls ethical working conditions.

Timeless designs and durability

We only use high-quality materials and double sizes to extend the usage period of our products. Each product is designed to last from one user to another. We also strive for timeless prints and styles.